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Applicant Services

There are many benefits for a job seeker working with a Texas Dental Placement Network service, whether looking for permanent or temporary employment. Some of the benefits include:
  1. Pre-screening of prospective employers as per your criteria for location, hours, salary, benefits, office personality, etc.
  2. Save time applying for jobs "cold turkey" out of the classified ads.
  3. Able to work as a temporary while looking for the right job—can earn money and not feel pressured to take the first job offered. 

    Many of our applicants come seeking a permanent job, without realizing the great benefits of working as a temporary while waiting for the right job to come along. You are able to earn money, see a variety of offices without the pressure of taking the first job that is offered.

  4. Often find the "right job" while working as a temporary.

    Often a "temp" is hired while working in an office, because both the applicant and the employer are able to assess the other for a potential employment relationship in a more realistic setting than a verbal interview.

  5. All fees paid by employer.
  6. Can work as a temporary as long as you wish for minimum or maximum days per week.

    Some choose to stay working as a temporary for extended periods of time because they enjoy it so much! You can work a day a week or 4-5 days per you wish!

  7. All information is confidential.

    If you are looking to change jobs, you may be looking confidentially. That confidentiality is guarded when you allow a Texas Dental Placement Network service do the searching for you.
  8. If moving from one city to another in our network, our referral goes with you, often resulting in immediate employment.


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